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The Hot Licks System

It's really quite simple. Bluegrass players get to a point where they understand the dynamics of a song...
the kick-off, the break, backup, fill in and tag licks and then of course, the ending.

However, it's hard to learn more and more "ingrediants" of the perfect bluegrass recipe.

Some of us are gifted and can listen to bluegrass greats
and pick out that great lick they're playing in the thick
of the music. Some of us can slow down Flatt and Scruggs records and hear just what Chubby was fiddling or
Earl was picking on the flattop.

And then, there are the rest of us. We need a little help!

Buying tons of tab books just to get that great kickoff or a transistional lick from a song can get expensive.
And then it's hard to know just how to add the right timing and emphasis to the lick. And heck, some of us
need it tabbed out so we can see the fingering needed to play it over and over for awhile till we can work it into our routine.

That is why we have created Hot Bluegrass Licks!

They are for the intermediate player, someone looking to spice up their playing
and begin to hone their own sound.

Someone that is looking for a little boost to their playing, and
isn't interested in pages of theory or explaination of how,
when and who played this little bit on the last 27 recordings.

We just want to sound better and pick like we know what we're doing.


The Hot Bluegrass Licks System has been created by Sherri Chekal and Dave Russell.

Sherri and Dave both have been playing music since they were young kids. They grew up on bluegrass!
They bring their various influences to the table to create a rich offering of licks that will spice up your playing and
really make your original compositions stand out from the crowd. They both play in various bands and
enjoy spending time with their families and friends.

Together with all of the Hot Licks teachers musical understanding
of bluegrass and Sherri's graphic arts abilities, they have developed this system that will
present good quality music tab, recordings and books
that WILL help you learn the licks you always dreamed of playing and using as you continue
to improve your pickin' ability!

And they're economical and ready for you when you need them...
just pick the one you want, buy it and download it right away!

You'll be picking the licks the pros know in no time flat!


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